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Mobile Devices & the Inclusive Classroom: Putting it all together -Webinar
Webinar - 05/29/15
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Event Summary: Implementation is the most critical phase of this whole process. How do we take the hardware and app decisions from previous sessions and come up with a plan for success? In this session, Mike Marotta, assistive technology consultant, focuses on the classroom strategies we need to effectively implement to improve opportunities for learning.
Mobile Devices & Inclusive Classrooms: Using the Right Tool for Learning - MORE Apps, software and the cloud! - Webinar
Webinar - 05/21/15
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Event Summary: In this session, Mike Marotta AT Consultant, dives into the world of available apps, software and websites we can utilize to provide learning opportunities to ALL our learners. Again, the UDL principles will provide a roadmap for exploration. There is a virtual “App Smackdown” during the session so come prepared to share a tool and how you use it.
Flipping the Classroom to Meet the Needs of Students with Disabilities
Webinar - 05/20/15
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Event Summary: This webinar, featuring Kathleen Fulton, illustrates the potential benefits of flipped classrooms for students with disabilities. Dr. Fulton discusses the use of classroom time and technology to “flip” the teaching and learning process.
Parenting a Child with Special Needs: How Internet Technology Can Help Build Your Network of Support and Knowledge
Webinar - 05/18/15
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Event Summary: Marianne Russo, founder of Special Needs Radio, shares information and ideas on how to purposefully and ethically use social media to build a network of support and parenting knowledge to enrich the lives of children fo disabilities.
Part 2: Successful Transition to College - the Role of Technology
Webinar - 05/11/15
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Event Summary: This closing webinar on "Succesfull Transition to College: The Role of Technology", presented by AT Specialists Bryan Ayres and Janet Peters, discussed fundamental AT questions when planning for individuals with disabilities to transition to employment or post secondary environments. Watch the video:
Mobile Devices in the Inclusive Classrooms: Using the Right Tool for Learning - Apps, software and the cloud! -Webinar
Webinar - 05/11/15
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Event Summary: We know about the hardware platforms available for the inclusive classroom but what do we do with these devices? This session with Mike Marotta will begin the exploration of all available tools to ensure that our tools are effectively meeting the diverse needs of each student. Using the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles as a roadmap, we will explore apps and software tools to provide multiple means of engagement, representation, and action & expression.
Mobile Devices & Inclusive Classrooms: Coming up with a plan - Hardware, Access and Accessibility -Webinar
Webinar - 05/05/15
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