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Technology Consideration and Assessment for Secondary Students

In this webinar, Chris Bugaj shares a method of assessing student needs that incorporates tools and strategies that take the least restrictive approach. ...

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AT and Apps to Support Learners with Autism

In this webinar Diana Petschauer and Stacy Driscoll demonstrated and discussed various apps and AT options, including wearable technology to support students with autism, to foster engagement, inclusion, independence and success in the educational en...

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Mobile Devices in the Inclusive Classroom - Part 1 - Coming up with a plan: Hardware, Access and Accessibility

This webinar introduces participants to the course and discusses the notion of "best technology" vis-a-vis user's needs and tasks to be accomplished.  ...

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AT Support for Autism - App Matrix

This guide, developed by Diana Petschauer and Stacy Driscoll, provides a well-organized matrix of mobile apps and links to other resources that can help those on the autism spectrum address those challenges. ...

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