Webinars and Learning Materials

Exploration of Apps and Other Resources for Supporting Language and Literacy in Young Children

This webinar with Beth Poss explores developmentally appropriate apps and resources that support the development of language and literacy in young children. Beth is the Coordinator at Montgomery County Infants and Toddlers Program (MCITP), ...

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Technology Consideration and Assessment for Secondary Students

This webinar with Chris Bugaj explores a method of assessing students' educational needs. Parents and educators can work together to determine which tools and strategies a student might require in order to ensure a free appro...

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Working Together: Computers and People with Learning Disabilities

This video provides an overview of students and workers with learning disabilities demonstrating mainstream computer-based tools and strategies that promote academic and career success. Video was produced by DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, I...

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Featured Resources

Family Media Plan - American Academy of Pediatrics

The online Family Media Plan can be customized and printed for individual family use. This guide was created to help families set up specific limits for media use in their home by the American Academy of Pediatrics and HealthyChildren....

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K-12 Expanded Student-Centered Assistive Technology (AT) Plan (IEP)

This full-length guide offers questions and considerations for AT planning within the IEP process, as well as a format for documentation. This was designed for K-12 students by PACER Center’s Technology to Improve Kids...

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Getting Started: Executive Function Skills at Work

This guide provides an overview of tools and strategies for executive function skills used in the work place such as: time management, motivation, following directions, organization, remembering appointments, and focus. ...

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