Webinars and Learning Materials

Supporting Play and Problem Solving in Young Children in the Context of a UDL Early Learning Environment

This webinar is the third in a series by Beth Poss, titled The Swipe Generation. It explores apps and resources that support play and problem solving in young children in alignment with best practices for media use in early childh...

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AT and Apps to Support Learners with Autism

In this webinar various apps and AT options to support students with autism are demonstrated and discussed. Diana Petschauer and Stacy Driscoll present on assistive technology, including wearable technology, that fosters enga...

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Handheld Technology Supports and Transition to Employment

This webinar explores techniques for using handheld technology to help navigate the transition to employment. Young adults with disabilities often have difficulty with learning job responsibilities and expectations. ...

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Featured Resources

TIKES Conversations About Including Assistive Technology: Tips for Parents and Professionals

This handout provides tips for parents and professionals working through the consideration process of assistive technology for young children. Topics include an overview of relevant laws and recommendations on how to advocate...

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Assistive Technology in Education: Nebraska’s Guide for the Delivery of Assistive Technology Services for Students with Disabilities

This guide provides comprehensive information for educators, parents, advocates, and other personnel on the delivery of assistive technology services for students with disabilities. The content can be helpful as a guideline w...

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Involving Teens and Young Adults in Selecting Assistive Technology

This resource helps families to get teens and young adults involved in learning about and selecting assistive technology. An important goal for older students is to understand the areas in which technology can support them in their educatio...

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